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Djpod PRO : The podcast of the podcasts

Djpod PRO is simply the best service to host your podcast, with optimal convenience, unlimited resources and a team to pamper you. So, are you a PRO?

What you get with PRO plan

  • Unlimited storage for your files

    No limit: if you need to upload many episodes each week on your podcast, you will never need to compromise: it is unlimited.*

  • Send files up to 5GB

    Need to stream high quality video? With a size limit by file increased to 5GB, you will not have any storage problem.

  • Live statistics

    Upload an episode on your podcast and immediately see the reactions of your audience: your download counter is updated in real time before your eyes.

  • We care your iTunes registration

    When you subscribe to PRO plan, our team submits your podcast on iTunes. You can concentrate on the essential: your music. We do the rest.

  • Featured on Djpod

    Your podcast will be featured on Djpod for a week, which is an exceptional visiblity! Only possible with an annual payment.

  • Dedicated support with guaranteed response 1h

    Our support will answer in 1 hour maximum, and may even call you back if you wish. Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (GMT).

  • SEO optimized

    Our SEO experts have optimized everything for you to be on the first search results in search engines.

  • Dedicated section

    You will be in the "PRO Podcasts" section of Djpod. An additional visibility, what is more normal for a PRO?


* You can not upload more than 30 hours of music per week.

** However, the review time depends on iTunes and can be variable.

Subscribe to Djpod PROFor only €149.90 per year, Djpod PRO is simply the best plan in the world of podcasting.

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